Is a collection of short stories about a small-town boy who walked, skipped and ran outside the ‘boy’ box. Not intentionally; he just met every day with a smile, on his own terms, and lived without thinking too much about what others would say. He moved at a faster, lighter pace than most of the townspeople in Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania, in the 50s and 60s and attempted to fill his life up with laughter and the joy of living.


   In Kiss & Run, Jimmy remembers his first kiss and tries to blame this ‘sin’ on red hair; A Funeral & a Too-Wide Tie takes on the subject of death, Catalog Boys speaks to a fascination with fashion, while Scream to Me, It’s My Party Line & I’ll Talk if I Want To, and Suzy Q underscore his hit-and-miss methods of communication (See “Excerpts” page for additional glimpses into Jimmy’s world).


  Jimmy didn’t much care how the community responded, as long as Mama Dida supported her son's dreams and laughed along with him on his journey to adulthood.  Daddy Paul loved him, and supported him in his own way, but remained skeptical about the way his son took on the world around him.


In the end, Jimmy remained true to himself.